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Join our TEAM and earn  $512.00 YEARLY  for only $14.95.
You can still join our team even if you have existing clixsense account
You wont lose your referrals and earnings!

As a member of the team You will be given 2 downlines (1st level)
Those 2 downlines will earn you $4
(Clixsense pays $2 for each 1st level downline)

But Wait only $4?!!!

NO the income never stop there...how?

Those 2 downlines you have at your 1st level will also have 2 downlines each
on their 1st level. Giving YOU 4 downlines on your 2nd level and earning you $4
(Clixsense pays $1 for each 2nd level downline)

But wait only $4 plus $4?!! You said $512.00 yearly?!

YEs you are right $512.00 YEARLY...how?

Those 4 downlines you have on your 2nd level will also have 2 downlines each
on their 1st level. Giving YOU 8 downlines on your 3rd level and earning you $8
(Clixsense pays $1 for each 3rd level downline)

And here's the BEST part...Your earnings will not stop there because at Clixsense..
You will still EARN $1 on each downline up to your 8th level. Giving you $512.00 YEARLY
as a member of the team.

Here's a simple illustration to understand better

Is $512.00 YEARLY possible?

Yes because we are using a Downline Spillover System

In this system, All Team Members will have a limit of 2 downlines
at their 1st level. So All members of the TEAM will have a chance to
complete their downlines from Level 1 to Level 8.


Absolutely YES! Just follow the instructions on how to join the TEAM.

send us your referral link we will put you in team
you wont lose your referrals and earnings!

Why join our team?

If you join clixsense alone, Nobody will help you to get downlines,
But if you Join our Team, we will help you to get downlines,build your network and earn up to
$512.oo YEARLY.

What are the benefits of joining clixsense as an upgraded member?

1. You will earn from $1 -$2 from every referral that will upgrade.
2. You will earn $0.25 as a premium member from every first level referral that signs up and clicks 100 ads.
4. You will earn up to .01 on the clicks of your 1st level downlines.
5. You have 50 chances to win on clixgrid from $0.10 to $5.00 everyday
6. This is a yearly income because everytime You and Your downlines renew their premium membership
at clixsense for only $14.95, You will earn $512.00 over and over again every year.

So what are you waiting for? Remember that this is a Yearly income...
Join our team TODAY and earn $512.00 EVERY YEAR!



CLIXSENSE is the most POPULAR, the OLDEST, and one of the most TRUSTED Income Opportunity website existing online since February 2007.
CLIXSENSE has paid 1.3 million members over US$1.1 million on time, every time!

There are several ways for you to earn money with ClixSense.

~ View advertisements and earn up to $0.02 per click and up to $0.01 per referral click.
~ Promote others to the site and earn with their affiliate program.
~ Try your luck at the ClixGrid game and win up to $5 which goes directly into your account balance.
~ And finally for the latest offering, ClixSense has worked out a deal with one of the Internet's largest survey companies to offer members paid surveys. This is a great way for you to make additional income with minimal work


As a Premium Member at ClixSense, you get
~ 4 Guaranteed $0.01 Ads daily.
~ 100 Welcome / Bonus Ads upon upgrading.
~ 50 ClixGrid chances everyday.
~ $0.25 Signup Commission after 100 clicks for every new Level 1 referral.
~ $2.00 Upgrade Commission for every upgraded referral from Level 1.
~ $1.00 Upgrade Commission for every upgraded referral from Levels 2 to 8.
up to 50% of ad value for every ad your Level 1 upgraded referrals view.
Direct Referral Advertising Sales Commission of 10% up to $2 per purchase
(limited at $100 per referral).

ClixSense offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the PTC industry.
With 8 levels there is no limit on how much you can earn, although you will have to upgrade yourself to take full advantage of this because Standard members earn only from their direct referrals. Whenever your direct referrals upgrade, you are instantly paid $2.00! If you are a Premium member yourself and if your referrals refer others who also upgrade you are instantly paid $1.00 for each upgrade through 8 levels deep! You just got paid for doing nothing!

Let's take a look at what happens if you were to refer only 2 upgraded members to ClixSense. We'll use the same scenario through all 8 Levels

If you are promoting on your own... it will take forever!
But if you work as a team, as the saying goes,
"Many Hands Make Light Work!"


The ClixSense Premium Membership
costs an incredibly low price of

That's a fraction of what other PTC websites are asking,
and is valid for 1 year.

Reality Check!
Many of us is investing hundreds of $$$ in PTC sites or HYIP sites which turned to scam to earn more $$$. If you compare what will you invest in Clixsense Team which is only $14.95 to earn $512 to a Year?

Reality Check Again!
If you will deposit your $14.95 in your Bank now it will take many years to earn interest $512. Invest in the right time in Clixsense Team !

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